When looking into buying a home you will need at a minimum, 2 years of work history and at least a 620 credit score.  These two things will do more for you than you know.  The work history shows you have a stable income while the credit score shows you do, or at least try to, pay your bills on time.   And with just those two things going for you, your chances of buying a home with little or no money down can skyrocket up to a 95% success rate. 

So the very first thing you need to do is demonstrate your ability to work a job consistently for a minimum of 2 years,  while doing whatever you can to pay your bills on time.  Just work on these two things and you will be amazed to find you are very well qualified to buy a home.  If you feel you have already accomplished these two goals,  contact me, Will Holman of Best Choice Realty, at 253-802-4497.  I will help you get started by finding both the financing and home that will work for you and your family.